Welcome to My Corner of the Internet

Hello world and Welcome to Wanderful Life!

As someone who has spent countless hours browsing the internet, I felt like it was time to capture a little piece of it and claim it as my own! Majestic right?

I was just a girl who wanted to know what college was like. That was my first glimpse as to what the world of blogging was. I kept poking around and discovered that I really liked it. Then a part of my brain was like “Why not make your own blog? You already like to write!” So I decided why not?

The first step was to create a totally catchy name that spoke to my personality. There were a couple of ideas floating around, but Wanderful Life was the one that stuck the most to me.

What does Wanderful Life mean you may ask?

That’s a great question!

Wonderful + Wandering = Wanderful

I’m at the point in my life where things are really great, hence the wonderful. I’m in college making new friends and just enjoying my day to day. But at the same time, I’m at the point where nothing is set in stone and there’s kind of an air of uncertainty, hence the wandering.

Basically this blog is about my adventures in life as I try to figure out exactly what I’m doing. It’s going to be full of my life’s wanderings and all the wonderful things that happen.

I hope you enjoy the journey!




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