Daily Dabbles: The Hair-Tie in the Shower

So, I’ve been living in my dorm for about a month now and there’s something I feel like I need to address. If you happen to have communal bathrooms like I do, then you understand the cringe-worthiness that is the showers. Countless amounts of people have stood in the same spot that you stood and thought the exact same thoughts.

How am I supposed to shave my legs in these showers?

But that’s beside the point. The real point is, that on my first morning away from home I took a shower, like most people do. In the corner of the shower cubicle there was a black hair-tie. Now, Rule #1 of Community Bathroom Usage is: NEVER go in without shoes. Rule #2 is: If it’s not yours don’t touch it. This applies to forgotten clothes, toothpaste, and or towels.

So obviously I left the hair-tie alone, thinking that the owner would remember that they left something in the shower, retrieve it, and then probably incinerate it because of the amount of possible germs.

That didn’t happen.

The hair-tie is still hanging out in the corner of the shower, and no one has claimed it yet. It’s no longer the black that is used to be either. Now there’s obvious signs of water wear and the poor thing is starting to turn into a dark gray color. Every time I go into the shower, I think that today is the day that the hair-tie will be gone. But it’s still there, just hanging out. Hopefully, it will find it’s home and be removed. However, until that day arrives, I will continue trying to find a way to shave my legs with the least amount of awkward positioning.



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