Daily Dabbles: I’m Looking for Art

All I wanted to do was write my paper. Honestly, that’s all I wanted.

This semester I’m taking Intro to Fine Arts, and we have to write four critiques. My professor suggested a few places on campus for us to go to so that we could write our critiques based upon what we saw. So, being the good student that I am, I went to the art exhibit on campus, so that I could get my paper written as quickly as possible.  A friend of mine (let’s call her K) also has the same assignment, so we decided that we were going to go to the exhibit together. Friday night, we walk to where we think the Performing Arts Center is, which is ALL THE WAY ACROSS CAMPUS NEXT TO THE RECREATION CENTER.


We hauled ourselves a good half a mile, uphill to get to the beloved art exhibit, only to find out that it wasn’t there. K, being more motivated to get things done suggested that we go to another building that had the potential to be where the gallery was. So, being the good students that K and I are, we trekked back across campus (remember this is at NIGHT). We heard the angels singing halleluiah as we neared the lit building of the Art Center.

“This has got to be it,” K says as we walk toward the door.

“I know!” I reply and reach to open the door.

Except it doesn’t.

The doors are locked! Frustrated and sweaty, K and I plop down on the stairs, sit and wallow in the overall struggle of our situation.How could we have walked so far and achieved so little?

Fast-forward a couple of days, K and I decide to go to the building during the day, when it has to be open. We get there and wander around for a couple minutes, taking in the niceness of the place and trying to pretend that we actually fit in with all the artsy people. Milling about, we are looking for anything that screams art. We walk around the first floor, see nothing, then head up to all the other floors.

Honestly, K and I might as well as had a sign over our heads saying: HELP ME I’M LOST because we were just milling around with confused faces.   Just as we were about to call it quits for the hundredth time, a nice guy who obviously knew what he’s doing approaches us. He  asks us if we need any help, and obviously the answer was yes.

“We’re looking for art,” K says.

The guy looks at us like we’ve lost our marbles as we try to explain that we had a paper to write and we needed to look at a selection of art that was on campus (in less eloquent words of course). He shows us around a couple of rooms and as we get to the end of the hall he says:

“I hate to say this to y’all, but your best bet for some art is way across campus, next to the rec.”


K and I looked at each other and groaned. We tell the guy that we were just there, and he gives us sympathy and better directions.

Moral of the story, make sure you know where you are going, or you might just end up going on a campus wide scavenger hunt.


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