Daily Dabbles: I Am A Friend Making Master

Coming to college, one of my biggest fears is that I wouldn’t make any friends. I am genuinely an awkward person and I have a great fear of coming off too strong or talking too much or being too annoying. So, as you can see coming to a new city with thousands of new faces and knowing about five people (this includes my roommate) is a little daunting. In the act of trying to make new friends I either come off way to strong and spit out a jumble of words that make no sense, or I’m stone cold silent pretending to text my imaginary friends as I play Solitaire on my phone.

Thankfully, the Res Hall that I live in comes with built in friends! Really, it does. In the first week, I met so many nice people that would later become my friends just by hanging out in the lobby. As time continued, the people that I occasionally handed a napkin to, or asked if I could change the channel became the people who I would go to the gym with and tell my insecurities to.

I honestly believe that my Res Hall in one of the closest knit group of people on campus. There is always someone to have a conversation with, or someone who is willing to walk you to Chic-Fil-A so that you don’t feel like a fatty by yourself.

This week, I was blessed and touched by how amazing my friends were. Earlier in the week, the lobby group decided that we were all going to watch Avengers downstairs. About half way through, most of the girls went upstairs and we had a little pow-wow together. We talked about our insecurities and the struggle that it was to find a nice guy in college. We complained about typical girl stuff and I got lots of advice over the things that I needed.

The next day, I was having a particularly rough day. Everything that seemed to go wrong did, and on top of that, I didn’t feel really confident in the test that I had just taken. Upset, I barged into my room and had myself a pity cry of frustration. I didn’t want to talk to anyone as I wallowed in my misery. My roommate was kind enough to put up with my foolishness as she sang to me and tried to cheer me up.

As she was walking out of the room, she noticed that there was a note for me on the door. A girl that lived down the hall had noticed that I was having a rough time and left me a note saying that she could help me with Chemistry (because that was on the list of stress factors) and left me a scripture to read. I was so touched by her offer and thankful that such kind people lived near me.

Of course, I couldn’t end this post without mentioning my fabulous and amazing RA. My RA is one of the raddest person I know. She texted me and asked me if I had any eggs, and if I liked coconut or not. I didn’t catch on to what she was saying until I saw her with a box of cake mix and brownie mix, that we were going to make together to cheer me up.

As you can see, I have successful mastered the art of making friends! They are truly wonderful people, and I can’t imagine my life or college experience without them!



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