Daily Dabbles:Here Take A Flyer

As we have already established, I have a problem walking/ existing in a large group of people. Now, when 50% of those people are trying to hand my a flyer or get me to stop by and listen to them talk about their organization, I just can’t handle it. My chronic awkward tends to flare up and I feel like shriveling up into a ball and rolling back home. But instead, I end up looking something like this:


Here’s my problem, I can’t say NO.

Once someone makes eye contact with me, I’m basically trapped, because now I feel obligated to listen politely and take the flyer that I know they will try to give me. And then from there, I have to sign-up for the e-mails to remind me of future events.

I think it’s really cool that my campus has so many organizations for the various types of people in the world, and that there’s a niche for everyone. Really, I am. But I just want to be able to go to class without signing my life away because I can’t say no.

Plus, all the booths make the walkway smaller, cramming all the pedestrians together, and you know that spells trouble for me. The accidental elbows to the stomach and trips on other people’s feet happens to me way more than I think it’s statistically likely.

Thanks for tolerating my daily doses of awkward!



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