Daily Dabbles: Sleep Depreived

I’m used to staying up all night and waking up early in the morning. I’m very used to running on few hours of sleep. In high school that was a normal occurrence, but all of a sudden I’ve been feeling really tired lately. Last night I stayed up to 1 AM to study for my Intro to Fine Arts class and I am literally dying of exhaustion.

This morning, in my Political Science my face literally hit my desk because I fell asleep. How sad is that? I’m pretty sure I let out a few snores while I was at it. But, I know I won’t be getting any sleep for the next couple of days because I have test this week and next week.

I don’t mind having all my exams spread out, but I would like to get them over with so I can go to be at like 10 o’clock. But until then, I’ll have to deal with falling asleep in class and taking multiple naps during the day.


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