Daily Dabbles: Return to My Inner Youth

Once upon a time I had an iPod Classic. Yep, it was 36g of pure music and all the solitaire/maze games you could wish for. It of course was the size of a brick and it was before touch screen was even a thing. I loved my iPod but then the worst thing happened- rain + outside = broken iPod. Then, I saved up enough money to get an iPod touch (this one of course did NOT have a front facing camera, so no selfies for me yet)and I vowed that nothing would happen to my baby. I had thousands of songs from various artist, most of them gravitating towards the rock/punk/alternative genre.

But, as you know, terrible things happen to me, and my iPod got stolen during the LAST week of school! [insert grieving face here] My mom, sensible as she is, banned me from anymore electronics because I have an inept ability to keep them intact for over a six month time.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking right now: What does this have to do with anything? Well let me tell you! Not only did I lose my music, I forgot about almost all of the songs and artist that I used to like. Bands like All Time Low, The Maine, A Day to Remember and Asking Alexandria fell on the wayside as I grew and expanded my musical ear.

Fast forward to today, I suddenly realized that I still like the music that I listen to back in the day and I decided to buy them again. So as I walked to the library today, I was jamming out to some angst-y song about breaking hearts and laughing on the way to hospitals ( kudos to whoever can figure out what song I’m talking about!). Instantly I felt fourteen again, and I remembered what it was like to not have responsibilities and when going to school didn’t cause me to stress out.



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