Daily Dabbles: Power Outages and Breakfast Talks

This morning started off just like any other one. I woke up at 6:58 on the dot, got up, complained to myself about getting up and slummed my way to take a shower. Soon after I was fully awake and I went to go wake up my friend and kinda neighbor Heidi. Heidi and I were walking out of the building when my roommate tells me that the power has gone out in the library.

I didn’t really think much of it until I walked into the building where my class was and it looked like a scene from a scary movie. You know, the one where the group of teenagers go exploring after hours and everything is dark and for some reason your footsteps sound louder and your heart beats a lot faster. Then it hit me that there were no windows in my classroom either.

So, what does my professor do? He cancels class.

Later I found out that the reason that the power went out was because a bird got caught in the power lines. How sad!

I now have an hour and twenty minutes to burn until my Communications class. Luckily, I do have real friends, and my friend Kenzie suggested that we grabbed breakfast together. Now, Kenzie and I are separately crazy enough. Put us together and we’re just a mess of one hundred percent awesome. We also like to eat, like a lot. So that was also a plus.

After talking about random things like boys and classes, we started talking about deeper issues such as what defines feminism and racism and stereotyping. It was great to have someone who I could have an intelligent conversation with, knowing that we weren’t going to judge each other or get offended.

I don’t think people understand how important having real conversations are. Kenzie and I represent difference parts of society, we have different backgrounds and experiences.For example, Kenzie is in a sorority and I am not (I will however be rushing next semester, so I’ll let y’all know how that goes!) I am black and she is white, she is blonde and I have black hair. She grew up with a different parenting style than I did. But at the same time, there are many things that we have in common and the more we hang out the more we learn about each other.

With that, we stand to learn from each other and we talked about the dangers of stereotyping, especially on campus. Some people (not all people) on my campus associate sorority girls with being white, rich, snotty, with giant Kendra Scott earring and Michael Kors watches. But each and everyone of the girls that I’ve met that are in sororities don’t fall into those clearly drawn lines. We talked about how when we stereotype people, we lose the opportunity to learn from them and cultivate new relationships.

I think that everyone should be able to have those types of conversations with at least one person. Coming to college let me know how much bigger the world actually is, and how I have so much to learn from it if I allow myself to be exposed to people from different walks of life.  I love meeting new people and getting to know them! I think that’s another reason why I want to be an RA, I get to meet so many people and interact with them and be able to take something from them. Well, I have my first interview this Friday, so hopefully I blow it out of the water!




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