Daily Dabbles: Snuggles and Pain

As I am typing this, I am sitting in the library next to my friend Miranda who happens to also be an angel. Part of it is due to her amazing good looks and fantastic personality, and the other part of it is due to the fact that was there for me at 12 in the morning when I was on the brink of tears.

Around 4 o’clock yesterday, I started to feel an ache in my joints and I knew that “it” was coming. Was is “it” you may ask? “It” is a crisis, one of the many perks of being born with sickle cell anemia. Having a crisis is kind of like being in a hurricane. You can feel it coming, you can board up the windows, but you can’t stop the destruction or the pain.

Now, fast forward a couple of hours and I am still in pain. My wonderful roommate is also sick, so basically I’m screwed. I had taken every precaution that I knew. I had the heating pad on my back, I had taken all the necessary medications and I was chugging water like there was no tomorrow. But it wasn’t getting any better.

One of the worst parts of a crisis is that there isn’t really anything you can do, other than wait for the meds to kick  in. Every breath hurts and moving is out of the question, so you’re left to just try and not think about the pain that you are experiencing.

That is where my lovely friend Miranda saved my day (or night if you want to be technical). I have super sonic hearing (but only at night when I’m sleeping) and so I heard her door open and close. Slipping out of my bed, I basically crawled across the hall and opened her door slowly (kind of like a murderer, but not). Miranda and her roommate Diana are used to my unannounced visits and so they didn’t mind my intrusion.

Crawling onto Miranda’s bed, I tried (and failed) not to cry because of the amount of pain that I was in, and the fact that I felt like I wasn’t going to get any better anytime soon. Luck for me, I have friends who are sensitive to my needs and basically I just cried like a baby onto Miranda’s shoulder and she told me that it was okay.

Sometimes all a person needs is someone to tell them that it’s okay to feel whatever they are feeling. Not to pat myself on the back, but typically I am the person that my friends come to when they are having problems and need someone to listen. So it was nice for once to not have to be the emotionally strong one, and to have someone pat me on the back and say that it’s fine to cry.

As the night progressed, we ended up watching The Proposal. I needed something funny and cheesy to take my mind off the pain, and watching Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock was definitely the right thing to do. Side note: twin sized beds were not made for sharing, but we totally made it work anyway.

Although watching The Proposal didn’t take my pain away, it did allow me to laugh. Whoever said that laughter was the best medicine knew what they were talking about. I was using more of my energy to laugh than I was to focus on all the bad things in my life. I am super thankful for all of my friends, but especially for Miranda. I don’t think that  I would have made it through the night as well as I did if it wasn’t for her.




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