Daily Dabbles: So You Think You Can Be An RA? Pt. 2

Currently, I am as cliche as it can get. I am sitting at Starbucks, sipping on a frappe, listening to Hozier and other indie style music, writing a blog  post. Anyway…  So a lot of crazy things have happened since my last post. First things first, remember how I talked about the extreme pain I felt in my ribs. Well it turns out I had pneumonia…. and chronic chest (for once WebMD was right). I don’t even know how it happened because I didn’t have a cough, or a fever, or anything. Just pain. But life is life. I went to the hospital and eventually got better.

Until I didn’t.

Not even 48 hours later, I was back in the hospital to find out that my hemoglobin level was at 3 even though I had just received a blood transfusion less than a week ago, which put my hemoglobin level at 10. So basically I was really sick.




But don’t worry! I swear good news is in the horizon. As previously stated, I applied for my first real job at my campus to be a Resident Assistant. I was super pumped, but super scared at the same time. Over 200 people applied and only about 25 people got the job.

I was still in the hospital, so I didn’t get to get the envelope myself. My wonderful RA was the one who retrieved my envelope for me. So during Spring Break I called her and asked her what my fate was. She prefaced tell me by letting me know that everything happens for a reason and that my fate is in God’s hands and His plans.

For some reason I got even more nervous than I was before. I thought about all the wonderful people who applied and thought about what if an RD didn’t like me enough to pick me.  Not soon after I began my worrying, my RA told me my fate.

I got the job!

AND not only had I got the job, 2 of my friends, Miranda and Jayce were also hired! IT was crazy because we all live in the same hall and practiced interview questions together. Miranda and I even raided each others’ closets looking for interview worthy clothes.

I’m super excited to work with my Co-RA and the rest of the staff at Tower Hall next semester! I’m even excited about training, even though I heard that it was tough and full of long days. And not to mention, Tower is a huge step up from my current dorm living in terms of room and bathroom and overall building niceness (although I’ve heard many people say that Tower looks like a prison. It doesn’t help that the windows get progressively smaller as they go up).

I know there’s going to challenges and nights where crazy things happen, but I feel like I’m ready. This is a chance for me to grow and experience new things with new people. Plus, there are only about a million and one cute door decoration ideas floating about on the internet (the hard part is picking one to do!).

So I think I can be an RA!


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