Daily Dabbles: Where Did The Time Go?

Sooo, I had my last class of my freshman year yesterday and I’m a little emotionally conflicted. I’m excited because YAY! no more classes! But then sad because I’m realizing that the end of the year is upon me. I’m not ready to give up having all my friends live within walking distance.

It’s amazing how time waits for no one. While I’m studying for finals (boo) every minute feels like an hour, but when I try to think about the time from Christmas Break to now, I feel like it all passed me up ( part of it may be because I was in the hospital for over a month).

I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed my freshman year, because I have. I’ve met wonderful people and built friendships that I hope will last me a lifetime. I’ve stayed up late and woken up early. I’ve laughed and cried and yelled. I’ve tailgated for football games and cheered for baseball. I may have even broken a couple of rules along the way ( nothing major, but I don’t think my dorm room was made to fit 3 beds).

All in all, I feel like I had the best year that I could have had. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others, and I’ve had a lot of fun. If I was to have one regret, it would be to take more pictures. Candid. I want to remember the moment as it was happening, and go with the flow of life, while still capturing the moment.

So, yeah. That’s pretty much it. Freshman Tip: Don’t wish your time away! Get out of your room and meet new people to try new things with! Don’t live a whole year and then think “Wow, I wish I had…”




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