Daily Dabbles: Classes Begin June 1st

It’s June. June 1st to be exact. Today is the day when classes are supposed to start for the summer semester. I bug my parents to drop me off at school before they go to work (because yours truly is not yet a legal licensed driver), I wake up in the morning to shower and get dressed, I get dropped of, I wander around lost for a little bit and then I find my classroom.

Luckily for me there’s another person and they introduce themselves to me. I totally forgot her name, but she seems super cool. We talk a little as we wait for the class to start.

Except the doors are locked.

And no one else comes.

So basically it’s just the two of waiting on a class that doesn’t even meet on Mondays. For some reason, on my schedule it said Start Date: June 1. So I though it meant the start of my class. But I guess I was wrong.

So we’re sitting and we’re waiting, thinking about what we are going to do with ourselves. The other girl (who’s name I will learn) decided that she is going to head out. I on the other hand am completely stranded.

Okay, it might not be that bad. I’m in a building where there are plugs and free wifi. So I’m not dying.

I scroll through my contacts, looking for people who I could potentially beg for a ride. Most of them are people who I met at school and live in a variety of different cities. None of them are in Round Rock.

I finally find one of my most reliable friends and I call her to see if she is working. She picks up the phone (at this point I’m nearly screaming for joy) and tells me that she has only a few minutes until her break is over.

Like a deflated balloon, I sink back to the ground and allow my self to be sad for a moment. I then head back inside (I had attempted to walk home, but then I realized how hot and unpaved the trip would be) and make my way to the library.

So now I’m here, with over five hours of wait time, contemplating if I should just suck it up and hail a cab for the ride home. I’ve gone through a lot of struggle to get registered for my summer classes, and half of the struggle didn’t even lead to anything productive. 2 of the 3 classes that I wanted to register for are full. So that’s a bummer.

Plus, I’m really tired. I don’t know what’s wrong with my body, but it wants to sleep ALL THE TIME. Not that I don’t like to sleep, but it gets in the way of me being productive and stuff.

So that’s pretty much it. Another day, another awkward story.




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