Tips For Decorating Your Dorm Room

Talk to Your Roommate

This seems like a no brainer, but roommate conflicts can arise over anything. So the best thing to do is talk to each other about what would be the best for everyone. Find common interest and work from there on spaces that you’ll have to share. Plus, you can divvy up things that need to be bought like an area carpet and the mini-fridge so that you don’t end up with double of everything.

Check with Building Policies

At my campus only 75% of the wall can be covered, and we’re not allowed to hang anything from the ceiling. So before you bring your ENTIRE One Direction poster collection, check out what restrictions you have. This will determine if you need to provide certain things by yourself and other things that should be left at home.

Visit Your Residence Hall Before You Move In

If possible, attend a preview day where you can actually go into residence halls and look at what your potential dorm room will look like. Pinterest is nice to get ideas, but the schematics of your room will determine how much you can bring and what ideas are plausible. Also, you’ll get a feel of how you like the layout based on what others have done with the same space that you will have.

Blue Tape + Double Side Tape

For things that won’t Command Hook very well like posters use blue painters tape and double side tape. Use the painter’s tape directly on the wall, and outline where you want to hang your poster. Then  go over it with double sided tape. The painter’s tape won’t peel the paint on your wall, and the double sided tape will adhere to the poster and the painter’s tape. That way when it’s time to move out, you don’t have to worry about damages.

Get Creative

You want your room to reflect your personality. So if you’re really passionate about something, find a way to incorporate it into your decorations. Pinterest is cool for getting ideas, but don’t forget to put your personal touch on things!

Organize Organize Organize

You’re room is where you’ll eat, sleep, study, and hang out with friends. The more cluttered it is, the smaller it will feel. Use cute bins such as these from Pottery Barn to keep all you miscellaneous things from taking over your room. Out of sight out of mind right?

Have Fun

As cheesy as that sounds, I remember getting super stressed about making sure my room looked 100% perfect. In all honesty, you can change anything and everything after you move in if you don’t like the way things turned out, or if you’re not feeling your decorations anymore. The most important part is to remember to enjoy the process and make sure that you are comfortable and happy in your new home!




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