Recent Reads: The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic

Did you read Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Did you love it?

Then you’ll love this book.

Emily Croy Barker has managed to fill the gaping hole in my heart that magical books  series Harry Potter has left. Now don’t get me wrong, I love re-reading the series, but there is something exciting about diving into a new world with new rules for magic that gives me tingles.

Nora,  the main character is a spunky grad student with a thirst for knowledge that seems to be unquenchable. As if things in her life couldn’t get any worse she is plunged into a world where things aren’t always what they appear to be and is left with only her wits to help her survive.

Things soon become pleasant for her, she has a new smoking hot boyfriend, and lives in a world where she has never felt more confident. Then she meets the magician Aruendiel, who has a tendency to be disgruntled and is as stubborn as a mule. After that encounter nothing is the same for Nora, as she begins to see the depth of her peril.

Then she finds out that the only way for her to return to her world is with the begrudging help of Aruendiel. The two make for an unbecoming pair, but neither of them mind nearly as much as they think the other does.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Real Magic is a page turner for sure. I had to put my life on hold, just so that I could finish the book because I could not put it down. Barker’s ability to make a world where there is great magic yet great simplicity is one of a kind. Somehow everything makes perfect sense, as if the world really did exist and was following the same laws of nature that we have.

Nora made me laugh, she made me feel her pain and her embarrassment, her everything.  Aruendiel left traces of Dumbledore and Gandalf whenever he was around but his own distinct personality was always at the forefront.  It was just enough to make you wonder that if there were an alternate universe, would he be friends with both Dumbledore and Gandalf?

I strongly suggest reading this book, even if you’re not big on magic or fantasy. It’s one of a kind and completely wonderful. I don’t want to spoil anything, but just know you’re in for one adventure!




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