Back to School Commercials

I feel like every year back to school commercials come earlier and earlier. This is slightly traumatic for me because we all know that once BTS commercials start school is around the corner and I’m not ready for that type of commitment. Let me have these last couple of days without having to think about buying pencils to write papers with or batteries for my calculator.

Besides, who decided when BTS commercials air anyway? Is there a designated day that all of the stores decide is the correct time to launch their summer ending commercials. Seriously, does Target talk to H-E-B and Wal-Mart to make sure everyone released their commercials on the same day?

In my mind I see all the brand logos sitting around a table discussing the final plot to ruin summer by reminding everyone that school is starting soon. But that’s just me being a little over dramatic.

However, I am excited about starting this semester because some amazing things are going to happen, I feel it in my bones. My staff and I are all in a group text and I’m already starting to see some personalities shining through. I couldn’t be more excited to meet everyone. At first I was really nervous because I wasn’t there for all the formal meet and greets so I was kind of an enigma to everyone. Was I real person? Nobody knew!

I tend to over think a lot, so I was worried that no one would like me because I have the charm of a potato sometimes. As for all the other times, well I’m just a tad bit socially awkward. But it’s okay! So far so good! They’ve accepted me and all my Harry Potter jokes ( I’ve only made one, but there’s more to come).

So even though I’ll miss summer, I’m ready (kinda) for classes to start again. Watch out Tower because I’m coming for ya! I might make a couple of rest stops, but I’ll get there eventually!




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