Keeping Up With Smith Mob

One thing I didn’t expect when I started college was how close my group of friends became in a short amount of time. It was crazy that in a span of about a month, I had already become a founding member of a group (we dubbed ourselves Smith Mob). Now, there’s not really a “popularity hierarchy” like there is is high school, mostly because everyone is doing their own thing and no one really care for popularity as much. But if there was a hierarchy, I’d say I was pretty dang close to the top, which was weird for me because I’d never experienced something like that before.

In high school I was, and still am, a major nerd. I would wake up to watch reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the weekends. I played violin and was Vice President of my orchestra. I made Harry Potter references at all times and I was clueless about most of what was happening in pop culture. Anyway, I was well liked and all, but I was never “super popular”.

But coming to college, I didn’t expect for my quirky personality to be embraced so openly and for all my friends to be so amazing. It’s kind of great being able to have so many people who truly care about you and don’t mind that you’re a horrible GTA player.

My friends and I became a family. We did cheesy things like plan a surprise birthday party and Secret Santa. But as we know, all families fight. Sometimes little things we did would get on each others nerves, but we never let those things get too out of hand.

As the end of the year drew close,  it was obvious that there was some straining. Honestly, it’s one thing to be friends and another thing to live with them. We were all sad when the group started to thin out as people moved out, and we all ended on good terms, but I think summer was something that we all needed.

Now that a new semester is coming up, we’re all excited to be back together. If we don’t pretend to run in slo-mo while singing “reunited and it feels so good” then I’ll make us turn around and reenact our great reunion. I’m wondering how things are going to go this year because there are a lot of changes.

For example, we all don’t live two feet from each other now. Some of us live off campus, Jayce, Miranda and I are all RA’s at different res halls and the others are living somewhere on campus. Hopefully we can make things work, because I think all of us want to stay friends for a long time.




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