Packing Woes

So it’s time, I’ve started the countdown and now I’m at 6 days until I move back and I still haven’t finished packing yet. I’ve done most of the bulk work, most of clothes are ready, laundry stuff, toothpaste, you know the basics. I’ve started to get really excited too, I’m about to be reunited with my friends and start my new job.

Then I remember that I still have to haul all my things into my new room. Last year, I lived on the first floor in the room closest to the entrance. It wasn’t that hard to get all my things in. However this year, my residence hall is literally named The Tower Hall. As in it is really tall (and kinda looks like a prison, but you didn’t hear that from me) and I get to have the privilege of living on the very top floor.

This shouldn’t be a problem really, I mean there’s an elevator and everything. So why am I freaking out on the inside? Well that is because I’m always thinking of the worst case scenario.

What if the elevator breaks while I’m in it?

What if some of my boxes don’t fit in the doors?

What if we have to take the stairs and I get crushed by a falling suitcase?

What if I trip and break both of my legs?

All of these thoughts run through my head, and leave me stressed out over completely hypothetical situations. So couple that with the fact that I haven’t finished packing, and you’ve got me!

This year, I though I’d be cool and freelance my packing. No list necessary because I’ve done this before! I’m basically a packing expert. I should have known better because whenever I try to pack without making a list first, I always forget vital things like underwear. You’d think that after doing this a few times I would remember to pack something as basic as underwear, right?

I also feel like I’ve packed a lot more things that I did when I was moving in my freshman year. I’m looking at all the things I’m planning on bringing and I can’t help thinking that it’s a little much. But who knows, I might actually need that extra hot glue gun, so why not bring it?

But on the other hand, one of my worst fears is needing something and realizing that I forgot it at home. Whenever that happens I usually can visualize exactly where it is, and then I wish I was a wizard and can summon it by flicking my wrist and saying Accio. How cool would that be?



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