RA Training: Day 1

Soon after I found out that I had gotten the RA position, my lovely RA Ruffin told me to brace myself because training was going to be one heck of a ride. Of course, I thought that I could handle it, I mean, I was part of a billion organizations during high school and was Orchestra Vice President and on a dance team while taking all Advanced Placement classes and keeping straight A’s. So I thought multitasking and handling stress was something I could handle.

I was wrong.

Like super wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, today has been AMAZING. I’ve clicked with a bunch of my staff members so well and it feels like we’ve been friends for months already, which is totally awesome because I was super nervous that everyone was going to hate me and think I was a weirdo. Plus my Resident Director Kendra is probably the funniest person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to see what wonders she unfolds as the year progresses.

Anyway, I went to bed last night really excited. Tomorrow was the first day of training! How great! Little did I know how over my head I was. I woke up super early, and because I couldn’t go back to sleep I decided to get dressed and then find something to do to burn almost an hour.

So when it was a reasonable time, I went downstairs and got breakfast. A little after, my Senior RA Dustin came down too, and we talked for a little while until more people came down. P.S Dustin happens to be one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I’m super stoked to be a part of the staff that I am in.

So off to training we went, all excited to see the world and whatnot. Let me tell you something, by the time we got to dinner, my brain was melted. We got so much information in such a little time that if I hadn’t had written it down, I would’ve forgotten (Thanks Kendra for the notebooks! You’re the realest). Seriously, I thought that two days had gone by instead of one, and was convinced that it was Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

If that wasn’t enough, we have deadlines that we need to meet for door decorations and hall decorations and passives and so forth, so my Co-RA Nick and I had some more planning to do, which we finished. I feel bad though because Nick’s taking the MCAT Thursday and has a lot of other stuff going on and so far he seems to be handling everything like a champ. So yeah, go Nick! I probably would’ve checked out and gone into a food coma to avoid all responsibilities if I had to juggle all of that.

Like I said earlier, all of my staff is the bomb dot com and they made today a lot more fun. We made up some great hall chants and had some amazing conversations as we slaved to complete our designated tasks. I never knew that peeling tape could take as long as it took me (almost 2 hours) and I never want to experience that again. I have no fingernails anymore.

So other than being super tired, I’m also super pumped for tomorrow. I just want to knock everything out and get things done ASAP and perfectly. This would be a nice time to have a body double or something! So as training goes on, I’m ready to see how my relationship grows with my staff and RD as well as with other RA’s from different res halls.




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