RA Training: Day 2

Last night, I slept like a baby and it was probably the best sleep I’ve had for a long time. Usually it takes me a while to get to sleep because I have super sonic hearing in the middle of the night and I tend to think about the day a lot and go over things I wish I could change. But that didn’t happen last night, after I sent my e-mails to my SRA and RD I was knocked out.

Day 2 of RA training started off with some heavy stuff. We talked about QPR (which I thought was in reference to a soccer team, but it is not) which is Question, Persuade and Refer. This all has to do with suicide prevention in the halls and I’m not going to lie, when we watched the clip about people talking about their loved ones that had either contemplated or completed suicide, I cried. I am a tender soul, and I feel for people and empathize so hearing those situations and the thinking about having to help my own residents deal with those types of thoughts hit me hard. Sometimes it’s easy to taboo suicide because you think that “they know better” or “wouldn’t do something stupid like kill themselves” or that it was “a selfish way to think” but all of those things are wrong. So I’m really glad that my campus made sure that we talked about those things and knew how to handle situations like those.

After QPR I’m pretty sure we ate lunch, and anytime all of my staff gets together it is a party with a capital P. We all sit together and push tables so that we’re close to each other and it is really fun. Our conversations vary but there is a lot of friendly shade throwing. For example, Albert one of the returning RA’s has been receiving a lot jest shade from yours truly. We also talk about what we learned in our rotations and what we took away from each presenter.

After lunch was rotation for us newbies. We learned about requesting funding and programing tips and a lot more. I have a feeling that this is one of those learn-on-the-job jobs. We can have all the information that we need, but unless we act on them, we won’t really know the groove of things. Also, for some reason, I was having an influx of creative ideas for events and passives and I am ready to see them take flight.

Rotation lasted for six hours and then it was time for dinner. Surprisingly for me, I tolerated a lot of the things that we ate because I hate everything when it comes to food. I don’t even like my foods to touch on my plate because it freaks me out. Dinner was as lively as always, except this time we didn’t stay over as long due to the need to get to the resource room.

Speaking of the Resource Room, don’t go in without a plan. Seriously don’t do it. I thought I knew what I was going to do and when I got there I was completely overwhelmed. There’s so much going on and hustling and bustling to get their own things together, I felt like I was an outsider trying to get into the groove of things. Nothing went was I had planned it, and then I got too much of one color and not enough of another. It was just chaos in there,I promise.

After Resource Room was our in-hall meetings and Kendra knows how to run a meeting. It was fun when it could be but at the same time she told us her expectations and deadlines that we needed to meet. Like I said earlier, everything can be a tad much at times and I feel like the juggler who keeps dropping the ball. But it’s only my first year and my first week, so I have a while to get adjusted.

In-hall in our rear-view mirrors, a bunch of us decided to start decor stuff. I had a wonderful conversation with Kendra and we talked about my life and my condition with the whole hospital thing. There was a lot of laughing and movie quoting, which was great. I hope everyone has a great relationship with their RD because it makes everything easier. I know that I can talk to her about my performance on the job and her opinions about such and such.

I would go on but it’s 3:37 AM. That’s right, in the AM.


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