RA Training: Day 8

So much has happened in such a little amount of time that I don’t even know where I want to start. There’s something about training that makes the days seem so long, and not necessarily in a bad way. Sometimes I forget that conversations that I had couple of hours ago did in fact happen that day, and not a week ago.

The thing with training is that the second you think you’ve caught up, there’s something else to do. RCFs are finished but now I need to finish floor decs. It’s like a never ending cycle, but I kind of enjoy it in a way. It beats staying in my room and not talking to anyone.

Many times throughout the day, the weight of my new job hits me in the chest like a ton of bricks. The amount of personal information that I have access to and my responsibility to keep that information safe is a lot. Sometimes I forget that a mistake on my part can have serious penalties and consequences. A lot of the time, people think of Resident Assistants as students who live to kill the vibe and put a damper on things. THAT”S NOT TRUE! I didn’t apply for this job to patrol the halls like a cop, or to have authority over my classmates.

I applied for this job because I want to make a difference and live a significant life. I applied for this job knowing that I will be the one to handle some conflicts or to hear someone confide in me. I didn’t do it to hinder, I did it to help. Trust me, confrontation is not my strong suit, but I know that there will be times where I will have to get out of my comfort zone in order to help others. I feel that it takes a special type of person to become a Resident Assistant, and I don’t say that to toot my own horn or anything. To be a RA requires a lot of sacrifice of things such as time, hobbies and sleep (I haven’t even made it through training and I’m already feeling these losses) and to be able to constantly put your wants on the back burner for a minute while a resident tells you their life story is not something everyone can do.

Yesterday was really fun because we got to do some fire training. I used a fire extinguisher for the first time and I am confident to say that if a small fire ever erupted, I could handle the situation. Some of my staff members tried to teach me how to do some dances, key word tried. For some reason I can’t do colloquial dances, they just don’t work for me. After that we did a smoke simulation where we went into a hallway that had been artificially smoked up and we had to maneuver  through a hallway. It was harder than I though it would be, partly because we couldn’t see two feet in front of us and the other part being the anticipation of something going wrong.

While we waited for our group to go, we got to talk to some firefighters from the local station and it was great. They we all so relaxed and funny, but still got the vital information out to us. We even got to try on some the whole suit that they wear and all I can say is that my respect has grown for them immensely. Not only do they have to go into the direction of danger, but they have to do it with 70 extra pounds on their bodies.

After we learned about fire safety we went to lunch, which is always a fun incident. As a staff we have a habit of taking candid photos and Snapchats of each other, especially from unflattering angles and varying proximity. After lunch we went to learn about maintenance which was more about common sense and following directions.

The next exciting part of my day was the part where I almost died for the second time this year. As a staff we decided to play some sand volleyball and float the river. Now, I can kinda swim, kinda. But I wasn’t worries because I was in a tube and I wasn’t relying on my own power.  Then we got to the rapids. I have never been on the rapids before, and I was really excited. The first one was really fun and exhilarating and I cleared it with ease. The second rapid, not so much.

There was rock right under me, and the current wasn’t strong enough to keep my going, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to scoot my way over to the next rapid. Well, by doing this I not only flipped over and hit my head on the rock, I also lost my glasses. It felt like I was being put in a washer, I was turning and bumping with no sense of what was up or down and clutching onto my tube for my dear life.

After a while and with some help, I got out but it was dark and I couldn’t see a thing. My staff searched for ten minutes or so for my glasses, but they were either long gone or already broken. I felt bad because I had put a damper on the night and that’s never fun to be the one that kills the mood.

Today, we took staff photos and I’m neither impresses or unimpressed with them. We didn’t get our polo in time so each of us just had to wear a maroon shirt, and as a former drill team girl, this bothered me because I’m so used to taking team pictures in uniform and having everyone look the same. Albert, our in-house photography expert took some of our photos for us and they look AH-MAZING. I don’t really like to take pictures because I’m not really photogenic, that’s why a bunch of my pictures only feature half of my face.

Throughout the day, I kept getting migraines so it was hard to stay peppy and happy because it felt like drill was going to town on my head. It’s also been a challenge adjusting to a new staff. Last year my RA’s and I were really close and I got used to how we talked and went about our daily activities. Also, I tend to be a touchy-feely type of person, and I don’t get that vibe a lot from most my staff.

We’re wrapping up things like floor decor, even though there’s a lot to do. I like my floor theme and I hope that my residents like it too. There is already one resident on my floor and sometimes I forget and freak out when I hear things because I know that Nick is somewhere else and I hear doors opening and closing.

I got to see Jeni today and that was great. It helped my mood to see someone that I’ve known for more than a week and is from outside the hall. It’s a lot to handle living where you work, and I guess I needed some space from everything that was going on around me. We went to Pluckers, which was really fun and the first time that I’ve been there. Our server was this petite and cute young woman who might have been a few years older than us, she was just so happy and even wrote a nice note for us on our receipts. Jeni and I got to chill for a little bit and it was like we were roommates again, and I miss that (but having my own room is nice too).

Let’s see how the rest of training will go!




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