Daily Dabbles: Just Let Me Cry Okay?

This week has been one of those weeks in which all of the things that I was juggling succeeded to end up on the floor. As we all know, I have a problem with asking for help, and whenever I do, most of the time I hover and try to micro-manage what’s happening, and I end up getting frustrated and doing it myself again.

For example, this week was exam week for me and my residents. Our professors had all conspired against us and planned all the exams in the span of a couple of days, as well as copious amounts of  homework and obscure deadlines. Not to mention that I had a key audit to do, a program to host and a life to live. Maybe the life, not so much. As well as random things that come up like having to call the doctor’s office and deal with other human beings, there was just a lot on my plate.

Midst all these time commitments, I decided to do the most and make Good Luck door tags for all of my residents. All the ones that I had conversations with had expressed their nervousness for their  first exams, and as if I needed any other incentive to crafty and release my hoard of incredibly awesome puns on the masses. Instead of typing and printing the same note for all my residents, I decided to make 5 different versions and with at least two different pieces, and hand write all 64 of them. What in the world was I thinking? That’s right, I wasn’t.

Anyway, it was Wednesday night, and I had all this pent up anxiety and had already cried at least three times. All I really wanted was someone to give me a hug and let me bawl all my emotions and frustrations out. So I called my mom, who loves me dearly. In her infinite wisdom, she offered me great advice that I later took to account, but at the moment, advice wasn’t helping me.  Some of my friends tried to comfort me, and let me know that things would be alright, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

I just needed someone who would hug me and tell me that it’s alright, and that I wasn’t going to lose my mind. That comfort came in the form of Albert. I’m horrible at describing people, but if I can say anything about Albert, it’s that he’s the cream of the cream of the crop. It was really late, Albert and I were behind the desk as I finished my key audit and he did his package log, as we made our way out I asked Albert for a hug and despite physical touch not being his favorite love language, Albert was totally down to hug.

And just like that tears were everywhere. All the frustration I was hoarding just exploded out and it was kinda therapeutic to just cry for a little bit. Shout out to Albert for the words of affirmation and for letting me have my moment. Sometimes you just need a cry, and then you can move on with your life.




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