Daily Dabbles: Keeping Up With Smith Mob Pt.2

I was once told that sophomore year is when you find out who your true friends are. For the most part, proximity, which was one of the key links that brought everyone together is gone. People have moved to apartments or difference residence hall or even to different schools. So now the ease of walking downstairs to the lobby or all of three feet to the room down the hall is gone. Spontaneous trips to the dining halls and random study hours become things that need to be planned, and before you know it life has gotten in the way, and the people who you saw every day become the people you see once a month.

As mentioned before, Jayce and I were both lucky enough to land jobs as RA’s this year, and that has been fun in itself. Seeing each other at training was a hoot and a half and the mutual understanding of RA problems is something that I’m glad we have. However, I’m living it up at central campus, and he’s doing the same all the way at west campus and from Blanco to The Tower is all of a 15 minute walk, mostly uphill. Anyway because of our busy schedules/on-call/ classes/the struggle, it’s been really hard to find time to hang out with each other, as well as the rest of Smith Mob.

However, recently Jayce has been sick, so Layla and I decided that our dying friend was worth the walk. After she got off her shift and I finished getting my passive together we headed up to Blanco, only to find that Jayce and Kinzie weren’t even there. We decided that we were going to be creeps and wait for them until they came back. As we waited and wandered around the hall we came across some interesting characters and saw someone dressed in a Gumby’s costume.

Skipping to the fun part, it was a relief to see that 1. Jayce was only kind of dying, and 2. our friendships were still intact even though we haven’t all been together since the moving out of Smith last semester. It was like old times again, even though those times were only a couple of months ago. One thing that I have really learned to appreciate is being in the moment. It can be really hard considering that one of my weaknesses is time management and to solve that I need to plan ahead, however sometimes I need to worry less and just be present.

Hanging out with Jayce, Kinzie and Layla was something that my soul needed. It’s not that I don’t like my new friends, or anything, far from it. But being around people who have lived through experiences, who I’ve seen hit rough patches, and who have been through thick and thin together gave me sense of reassurance that I’ve been needing for while. I can’t wait to see where the road takes us and how keeping up with Smith Mob will turn out!




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