Daily Dabbles: When You Don’t Like Halloween


Now that’s off my chest, we can proceed.

But seriously, I don’t really like Halloween. Why would you pay money to be scared? Why would you walk around in an overpriced costume that is for one-time use only? Why would you want to do anything Halloween related that’s not arts and crafts? Someone please help me understand.

I just never really jumped onto the Halloween bandwagon. Maybe I grew out of it, because the only thing that gets me excited is free candy, and sometimes it’s not even good candy. Speaking of candy, we all know that candy prices spike up for no reason!

I think part of it was that I never really celebrate Halloween as a child. I went to fall festivals, volunteered for Safe Trick or Treat with my church and my dance team, but I never went out of my way to make Halloween plans. I’ve always been satisfied chilling at home watching Twitches with popcorn and my pj’s.

I’m sure that when I have kids, I’ll be more into Halloween, or I guess Halloween prep. I wouldn’t mind sewing some costumes or doing face paint for the kiddos. But the whole let’s go to a haunted house or watch scary movies thing is not for me. I am easily frightened (as in I couldn’t kill a cricket that was in my room the other night) and clumsy. Do you know what happens when you scare a klutz?

Accidents, that’s what happens. Someone is going to scare me and I’ll jump, trip, fall, and break my ankle on a jack-o-lantern. Honestly, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to refrain from scaring me unless someone (me) want to end up in the ER.


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