Real Talk: How Much Is Too Much?

For a while I’ve been thinking about my content and how much I share about my personal life and opinions online. Not that I’m worried that someone is going to steal my identity and I’ll see my face on MTV’s Catfish or anything, but more along the lines of how vulnerable am I willing to get to complete strangers? How much of myself am I willing to put out in the open?

In some ways, readers of my blog know me more than my friends in real life know me. I share some of my thoughts concerning my views on current events, my race, and my insecurities and other things that I have never said out loud. To anyone.

It’s easy to do things like that online, I can be anonymous without really being anonymous. Though my words have consequences, the repercussions don’t effect my social life as much as they would if I shared my feelings with the people I interact with on a day to day basis. I can say basically anything I want to and delete negative comments if I need to.

The main ticket as too why I feel so comfortable midst a group of strangers is because no one knows me in real life. If you read this and then walked pasted me at the grocery shop, it probably wouldn’t register that I’m that one girl who you read about on her blog. Distance is key, though the internet is wonderful at connecting people and bringing them together, it has helped me keep people away. Not in a bad way I swear, I love the internet.

I don’t confide my “deepest darkest secrets” with anyone that I know because I want to control the way that I’m perceived, I don’t want to be vulnerable because in real life it can be taken as weakness. It’s hard for me to open up to people I know because I don’t know how they will take all of the information that I gave them.

On Wanderful Life it’s different. I don’t have to face the consequences of my words and how they define my relationship with those that I interact with. All you know about me is what I show you, what I tell you, what I allow you to see. Everything you know about me is because I wanted it to be known, a crafted perfected version of myself.

In real life, that can be tricky. Reading the words on a blog post and having the conversation mentioned in the blog post are not the same thing. People see me in all types of versions whether I know they are watching me or not. There are uncontrollable variables that exist in the 3-D world of real life, versus the 2-D world of internet communication. Life is happening at every moment.

So my question is where do I draw the line? Where does sharing about my life and my views become TMI? It’s a subjective question that has an answer that changes from person to person. Anyway thanks for listening to my spiel!



One thought on “Real Talk: How Much Is Too Much?

  1. Juni Desireé says:

    I can relate to this so much. There is a level of safety with a blog since that risk factor of having to interact with people face-to-face isn’t there. It’s sort of controlled on the net. I guess there are both good and bad things about this. But I do love using it as a tool and making the most of those good things. And I also wonder about how much to reveal and how much is too much. Guess it just depends on what we feel is right and comfortable, if we can live with what we write/expose or not.

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