Recent Reads: Gone Girl

I’ve never been so emotionally scarred by a book than when I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and it was wonderful. Truly, truly wonderful.

So, the plot of this novel turned movie is that a woman goes missing, and who else is the prime suspect other than her husband? Flynn takes us on a spindling path of twists and turns and you never really know when it will end until the very last page of the book.

I remember reading the book and having to put it down so that I could wrap my head around what was going on. All of the characters in Gone Girl are so complex and well developed that its hard to imagine Flynn plucking them from her mind and putting them onto a piece of paper. Each character is so perfectly flawed and human and the story line flows through their interactions with each other.

Amy, who goes missing in the novel is a puzzle of a character. She has such a life to her, and as I read  I could see her right in-front of me, laughing, crying, plotting. She, in my opinion is the most interesting character in the book because there is so much to her, both written and implied, that there is no possible way for another person to steal her spotlight.

A close contender though is her husband Nick, who spends most of the book being scrutinized by the police, the media, and the neighbors. Trial by media really came through in the book as Nick was grilled time and time again about the whereabouts  of Amy. His character has major flaws, but not any so bad or so outlandish that I wouldn’t believe in the “realness” of him. He displays stereotypical masculine traits, always wanting to be in control of his life and his emotions while trying to be the sole bread winner of his small family. And sometimes the way that he handles situations leave him worse off than he was before.

The thing that hooked me the most was Flynn’s sentences. There were many places where she could have stopped a line and moved on, but she didn’t. I was already at the edge, but those few more words pushed me over. They made my heart stop and my tears fall, seriously. You think that there’s no where else to go, and that you are already at the climax and then you keep reading only to be blown even farther way.

Gone Girl is told through three eyes. Nick’s point of view, Amy’s and Amy’s journal entries. One would think that with all of that exposure, it would be easy to see where the story is going and that everything was at face value, but that can’t be anymore further from the truth. The novel is so complex and there are many factors weaving in and out to make the plot that there’s only one person who truly knows what happened to Amy, and let me tell you, it’s not the reader.

Gone Girl is a wonderful book, and if you are into thrillers or mysteries, then I would definitely check it out!

P.S  If you have any book suggestions, drop a comment below and I’ll read it! Books are my favorite and I always need new reading material!





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