Goals Not Resolutions: College Edition

Most of these are things that I have been working on since the beginning of my college career, but there is always room for improvement and reemphasis can never hurt right? Spring Semester awaits and is quickly approaching. So lets get this shindig started!

Spring Semester Goals:

  • Make Consistent Study Habits

It’s not that I don’t study per say, rather my studying can be a little sporadic. Three hours here, thirty minutes there. Sometimes on Mondays, a splash of studying on Thursdays, things like that don’t seem to be the best way to study. So this semester, I’m giving myself study hall for at least an hour every day, that way I can be consistent. Once I get my desk schedule, I am going to sit down and map out when I will study for each class, that way I don’t just cram some studying in at the end of the day when I’m already mentally exhausted. I’ll also put in when my professors have office hours that way I know when they are and can plan accordingly.

  • Build Better Relations With My Professors

Contrary to popular belief, professors are human beings ( I know, shocker!) So this semester, I am going to strive to get to know my professors a bit better because honestly it can only help me. Last semester, I struggled in my Chem 2 class, so I was in office hours A LOT, and I got to know my professor a little more, and he got to know me more than just a face in his lecture. He could see that I was working hard in his class and was more willing to work with me and help me throughout the semester. So, since my classes aren’t getting any easier, it’s in my best interest to know my professors (plus I’ll be needing letters of recommendation soon!).

  • Work For Higher Levels Of Understanding

Slowly but surely, the lines separating my classes are getting blurred. This means that everything is connected and memorizing won’t be cutting it anymore. So this semester, along with getting good grades I want to be more comprehensive in my learning and ask more questions to better understand thing. It’s not enough to know that something has a particular function, or reacts in certain way, I want to know why it does that and how it affects things that I learned inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Use All Of My Resources

Office hours, SI sessions, the library, the internet, my peers, I’m going to use them all. Sometimes it takes several different ways of explanation for me to really get things, so the more ways I can find to be taught, the better off I’ll be. I know that when I was studying for finals, I asked my friends who had taken the class already to explain things for me and he did a really good job of it. There is never a way to learn too much, so I might as well use all of the help I can get. Plus I’m already paying for all the campus resources in my tuition, so if I ever need motivation to do it, there it is.

  • Time Management

Basically all of my goals for this semester boils down to, how am I going to spend my time? Going to office hours, takes time. Studying, takes time. Relaxing, takes time. I know that for me to achieve all that I want, I need to re-evaluate what I spend my time on. This semester I don’t have Friday class, that’s 24 hours that I can use to be productive. I know it’s easy for me to fall into the lull of life and want to just go with the flow, but I can’t. I need to hit the ground running this semester in order to achieve my goals.


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