Daily Dabbles: Happy Single Awarenss Day

It’s that time of the year again. Love is in the air, smells of chocolate and perfume  swirl around, life is great…

Unless you’re single.

Just kidding, life is still great!

As a fellow single person on Valentine’s Day, I can sympathize with everyone who is currently scrolling through social media and seeing cheesy couple pictures in shades of pink and red, while eating ice cream out of the tub, that’s what I’m doing right now.

However, this semester, I wasn’t really bummed about being single, because honestly, it doesn’t really matter right now. Yeah, it would be nice to have a snuggle buddy, but I’m really happy where I am in my life, and if true love happens to swing by, then that’s cool. If it happens to take the back-roads and linger for a little bit, that’s cool too.

Luckily for me,  most of my staff is single as well, so we all planned to take ourselves out to a nice dinner and a night on the town. After giving tours all day, we got all dressed up and headed to the town. It was really fun seeing the guys dress up and look super dapper, and getting ready with the girls was a great start to a night of bonding. One thing that I like about my staff is that we actually like each other and build relationships with each other outside of the hall and the parameters of our jobs, which is a major strength for us and for our work as a team. So getting time to be with each other is always a plus.

We hit the town and ate dinner at a restaurant by the river.  The food wasn’t too good, but the company was spectacular. We probably had a little too much fun, and while we were struggling to get our group picture taken, I could see other people in the restaurant judging us, but that’s okay. Now is the prime age for me to be goofy in public and not care too much about what others think about me. After dinner we walked around the town along the river and actually got lost trying. We ended up being closer to our cars than we were to where we wanted to go and decided to go and get dessert at a different place.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that you don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day. In all honesty, Valentine’s Day is majorly overrated. I don’t need a singular day to tell those around me that I love them or to shower them with exorbitant gifts. I don’t need a day to expect my significant other to do something worthwhile to prove their love for me. I’d rather had small expressions of love everyday than a single day of over-the-top craziness.

Now, I’m not saying that Valentine’s Day is a bad thing, rather that the expectations that comes with being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day or the longing to be in a relationship on Valentine’s Day tends to overshadow the true value of that day. We should love the people around us no matter what the calendar says.

And on that note, I can’t wait until February 15th when I can buy a ton of chocolate and other sweets on the cheap!

Happy Single Awareness Day everyone!




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