RA Training Day 1: New Hall New Me

And so it begins again, door decs, program planning, late nights, and early mornings. The sweet smell of the residence hall fills my nose. I didn’t realize how much I loved working for Residential Life, until I left for the summer and I didn’t have any programs to plan or passives to make.

This year holds a lot of change for me. I am in a new hallĀ  with a smaller staff, a new RD in a new area, and I am helping to pioneer a brand new learning community with a new floor partner. The programing curriculum is new and being a learning community RA has its own slew of differences from being a non-learning community RA.

Honestly, with all of this change I know that challenges will arise that will test me, and push me to my limit. This is going to be a growing experience and I am super excited to see where this journey takes me. I know that the opportunities that I have because of this job outweighs the struggles that come with it, and I am ready for all of the good, the bad and the community.

One thing that I am trying to do is to be open minded about all of the changes. I am telling myself that my new hall is not The Tower Hall, and that I shouldn’t expect things to be the same. The same goes for my new RD, she isn’t Kendra, and that’s a good thing because the only way that I can learn and stretch as a person is to be exposed to different people and different leadership styles.

LC (learning community) training was very interesting and fun! I got to see my old staff from my days at The Tower Hall and that was super refreshing and comforting. Kinzie is taking over the Psych LC and is sleeping in my old room, which is funny. The new Tower staff are a interesting bunch and I am so excited to work with them!

We met the new Graduate student who is in charge of our programing as well as getting reacquainted with Ted and meeting Dr. Glass. Dr. Glass was a very lively presenter, and was passionate about the things he was talking about..like very passionate. Sometimes he would linger in the gray area of conversations, and that was interesting to say the least.

I have lots of ideas for my floor theme, and every year I underestimate the amount of wall space that I need to fill. But I can’t just cover the wall with paper because I don’t want the fire marshal to not like me. But its okay! I will figure something out, like I always do.

Between studying for the PCAT, and training my time is really stretched, but I want to make sure that I get a little blogging in each day, so we’ll see how things go!




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