RA Training Day 2

Today there wasn’t much LC training, Ted, who is over LCs taught us a cool way to mail merge for when we send email to our residents. You know you are in a room full of RA’s when learning how to send emails is considered cool. So that was a helpful tutorial. We also separated from some of the other LC RA’s because most of us are returning RA’s so we talked about bringing our previous skills to this new position.

My new staff is made up of 6 people, including myself, and half of them are new RA’s so they started new RA training. It feels like yesterday that I was going from room to room and having my brain filled with so much information that I didn’t know what to do with. Its interesting seeing how much knowledge is needed for this job, and how much you use the training everyday.

Since I’m taking the PCAT in less than a month, I used my free time to study and that was helpful. I keep feeling like I don’t know enough, and it’s a little stressful (okay, a lot stressful). I’m trying to find the balance between getting my work done and the hall ready for move in, which happens in less than two weeks, bonding with my staff, and going through training in general. I know that I need to dedicate the proper amount of time to this or else I will regret it. I hate feeling so uncertain about my future, and I know that all I can do is prepare myself for the possibility that I don’t get into pharmacy school in the fall, which would be heartbreaking.

In terms of getting my Chemistry degree, I’m at a place where the roads diverge. If I finish my prerequisite courses this semester, then I won’t be able to take my major required classes because they are only offered one semester at a time. If I continue with my degree plan, then I’ll have a lot of changes to make to my current schedule and it will be a mess. So we’ll see what happens. I’ve been talking to my parents and I am planning on going back to talk to my academic advisor.

Hopefully everything turns out alright! Fingers crossed that I do well on my PCAT!




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