RA Training Day 4: The Plague

I have an amazing knack for getting sick at the worst possible times. Truly, I don’t understand how it happens, even if I stay quarantined in my sterile room, somehow I will get some kind of sickness, or allergy. So when I woke up this morning unable to breath or swallow without my throat hurting, I knew it was going to be a rough day.

Today was the first day that the whole staff was in training together.  We all met in the LBJ Teaching Theater, and one thing that we do is a mini-roll call as all the buildings are being called. This was really fun, but it hurt to talk so I didn’t shout as much as I could’ve. I loved seeing all my RA friends that I had made in the previous year, as well as my residents-turned-RA’s. It’s kinda awesome seeing the people who you met as baby freshman become RA’s. Its knowing that you did something right, and that difference you made cascades into more differences because they will positively affect someone’s life.

After our welcome back, we listened to a keynote speaker, who was very energetic and really got us pumped for the year. I’ve never been a fan of motivational speakers, just because I think there’s only so many ways that you can say the same thing, but he did a great job. There were lots of connections to our jobs as well motivation for our personal lives which I thought was awesome.

Next was our Ethics workshop, which was interesting. Eli, one of the Assistant Directors did a good job of making it interactive and not boring. Part of it was his great personality and engagement with the audience, another was that he didn’t force it down our throats. We had lots of conversations and he asked us questions to get us thinking, and explain that he isn’t out to get us, but we still have to accept the consequences of our actions.  After Ethics with Eli, we went back to the keynote speaker for small group.

Following that it was Area Time, and it was nice to meet all of the RAs in my area because I’m in a brand new area, so I don’t know anyone except for the few people who I had met previously. We met the Assistant Director for our area, who happened to be Eli. Since I was running a fever, I was freezing even though it was 100 degrees outside. Eli asked me why I was wearing a sweater when it was so hot outside, and I told him that I was dying. Also, it was Eli’s birthday! So we sang happy birthday to him, even though he’ s not a big fan of recognition and things like that. Honestly, I don’t remember everyone’s name because I am I horrible at names, and I was trying to keep my head from exploding out of my head.

After Area Time it was dinner, and my staff and I had plans to go watch Suicide Squad, which was fun. When we got to the movie there was no one else in the theater, and it was awesome. As it got closer to the time the movie was supposed to start, more people trickled in. Suicide Squad wasn’t the best movie that I’ve ever seen, but it also wasn’t the worst.

Mostly the day consisted of me trying not to turn my head to quickly because of my swollen glands and achy throat and trying not to fall over or fall asleep. I did get to go to Walgreen’s and buy some pain medication and allergy medicine, and it helped a little bit. What I really want is to warm up some water and pour honey and lemon to soothe my throat.

Hopefully it gets better soon!




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