RA Training Day 5: Water and Fire

Today was probably one of the funnest days of training, even though it was raining all day. In the morning we had fire training, and basically we learned how to use fire extinguishers and basic fire safety. The local fire department came to campus and ran the training.

The first thing that we did was the Smoke  Out, in which we went through a building on campus filled with simulated smoke. There were other halls so I got to see my old staff as well as my other RA friends while we waited to go through the simulation. Going through the smoke was an interesting experience because I was the head of the train, so I had to lead my staff through a smoke filled hall. I was familiar with the hall, so it wasn’t such a big deal, and even though we were laughing a little bit, I still felt the urgency of having people’s lives in my hands. The simulated smoke was similar to what would happen in a real fire, except it wasn’t black and it filled the whole room and didn’t rise to the top of the walls.

Afterwards, one of my staff members and I tried on the jackets that the firefighters have to wear, and let me tell you this, I could never be a firefighter. I could barely walk around with half the gear on, let alone run in the direction of a fire and save other people.

Next, we learned how to use fire extinguishers outside of a separate hall. It was  raining while I put out the fire, so that was fun. Because I had gone through fire training the year before, I already knew how to put out a fire, so it wasn’t hard. Since I did so well, I got a couple of cheers and good jobs from the crowd and the firefighters. I was so excited, so I did a little dance, and accidentally sprayed my foot and the ground next to me in front of everyone. That was a little embarrassing, but nothing I can’t live with.

Afterwards, we went inside to learn more about fire safety, and we watched what happened when caution is taken and the damage that fire can do. We also talked about why certain precautions are necessary and how the save lives. We watched a sad video about a nightclub burning down and over 100 people were killed or injured.

Following that presentation and a short Q&A section with the firefighters the best thing happen. I GOT TO GO ON THE FIRETRUCK! Last year I wasn’t able to get on the firetruck, so this year I was super determined to get on. As I go up to get on the truck, I was told that there wasn’t enough room, and my heart sunk. But as fate would have it, once people had settled, there was actually a lot of room for me and a couple of other people.

Since it was raining, the ladder was slick with water and I was a little scared that I would fall to my death, but it would have been okay because I was surrounded by first respondents. After we took a group picture, I went around the other side and was able to sit in the passenger side of the firetruck as well as the back. This was super fun and it was educating to see all of the components of being a fireman. I was able to talk to one of the firefighters about his job, and he shared with me about why he didn’t want to be a Captain, and remained an Engineer for his truck.

So yeah, going on the firetruck was definitely my favorite part of the day. Also, can we talk about how all of the firemen where super attractive? Like it was a little unnerving because they would try to talk to us and all of the girls were swooning left, right, and center. But, that’s a topic for another day.




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