Blogmas 2016: I Only Ate Ice Once

Today for Blogmas I’ll share what I did today!


So as many of y’all know, I am a very clumsy and accident prone person. Last year my staff kept a tally of how many days I could go without hurting myself, and I think my record was up to 13 days. So, if I can’t even handle myself on dry solid ground, why did I think it would be a good idea to take some of my residents to go ice skating?

Early in the semester, Kinzie and I planned on going ice skating with our residents, and the day had finally come. I didn’t do much of the planning because we have a supervisor who takes the lead whenever we want to do big trips, but it was still fun to be in the process and learn how to be responsible for so many people.

We took a charter bus up to the next city over and we had over 40 residents come! The bus ride was fun and there was more than enough entertainment from people who were jamming out to music, and having loud conversations.

Once we got to the indoor ice skating rink, and conquered the challenge of getting our skates on, it was onto the ice. Now, I’ve been ice skating before. Once. Two years ago. And I can honestly say that I was just as bad the second time as I was the first time. I latched onto the wall and didn’t really get off of it for over an hour until I was holding on to someone else who knew what they were doing.

I am also very proud to say that I only fell one time! The funny part was that I was in the middle of telling Kinzie how much I had improved and how well I was doing! And them WHAM ice to mouth in under a second.

I did what you’re not supposed to do and stuck out my hands and caught myself on the wrist. Luckily for me, the impact wasn’t too bad, and I was up fairly quickly.

It was a real treat to skate around a rink and listen to Christmas music being blasted overhead. And it was a wonderful way to get in the spirit of Christmas. Some of the residents even wore Christmas sweaters!

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