Blogmas 2016: So I Kinda Failed

So, this whole past week has been really crazy. I had 4 exams  this week and many on them were make or break for my grades and as a result, I have missed my fair share of Blogmas posts. But, nonetheless the show must go on.

This semester is the first semester that I’ll probably get more than one B, and I’m not too happy about that, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. It felt as if this semester dragged it’s feel along unto this point, but in reality it went by super quick. I have really liked some of my classes, and really disliked the others.

It’s been really hard to get motivated for my physics class. It’s one of those “I’ll never use this in real life” classes for me. Not that physics isn’t a part of everyday life, because it is! But rather actual thinking about how physics works everyday part. Honestly, as a pharmacist, I’m not really going to have to know how to find momentum, or what at angle two balls hit on a level friction-less surface.

But before I throw out all the physics that I learned, the one thing that I received from the class was learning that there are multiple pathways of thought to get to the same answer. It was interesting to see how each of my group members went about approaching the same problem. Sometimes we would get to the same conclusion, and other times we would thoroughly confuse ourselves and get the answers wrong.

Another thing I learned in physics was that just because it sounds right, and fits your mental schema, doesn’t mean that it is right.Physics really toggled with my brain on that. I would explain situations in terms of how I thought they were perceived in the real world, only to find out that I was completely wrong. My explanation seemed right, but was based on incomplete knowledge or did not account for what was actually happening.

All in all, physics was only bearable due to my fantastic professor, great tutorial group and the fact that the curve was in my favor.






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