RA Training Spring Edition Day 2: PJ’s and Passives

Today’s theme was Pajama Day, and it was really fun to see all of the different pj’s that people were rocking. My staff is always extra, so we wore matching shirts that spell out our hall’s name! Dana and I also bought matching flannel pajama rompers to wear as well! Looking back, I wish I had taken pictures of how spiffy we all looked together, but that’s a rant for another day.

This morning we had a diversity discussion within our halls. It was a little chilling because all of the scenarios were based on things that had happened on our campus recently. I was a little saddened by the lack of decency and respect that other people have for each other and especially for the lack of tolerance for those who are different than us.

Some of the topics that we discussed were Islamophobia, sexism, disabilities, and racially targeting insults. The key to navigating through most of those issues was having an educating discussion, whether it be with an individual or through means of a passive or a program. No one wants to feel personally attacked, even if they are the ones exhibiting the poor behavior, so inviting the perpetrator to engage in conversations that can change their thought process for the better is the best.

However, people are wack. People are sexist. People have been conditioned to think a certain way. People suck. People say things that are wrong, and feel entitled to flexing their privilege in their benefit whenever they feel like it.

That stinks.

People are also kind. People are loving. People have changed the world for the better. People have challenged stigmas, and won. People care. People need love and acceptance.

The only way to break the cycle of horrible human behavior is to appeal to the good in individuals, get them to challenge the world around them, and have positive exposure to those that are different than them.

After that we went to get a brief recap of lost and found log changes as well as mail changes. We drove to the hall that the meeting was being held at, and once again all of my RA friends were around and having a great time. When the meeting got started, I noticed that people remained talking throughout the entire presentation. I became agitated, and tried to shh the people around me, including my staff members.

I just thought it was extremely rude to talk when someone else was talking, especially during training over the implementation of a new procedure. Not only was is rude, but it was unprofessional as well. As RAs we are supposed to be an example, to be leaders on campus, however many people were failing to do so. My last RD Kendra taught me well, and one of her expectations was that whenever we were in training, we were supposed to be present. That meant, front row seats, no talking when a presentation is going on, and absolutely no phones whatsoever.

Lack of order is one of my major pet peeves, so seeing my fellow RAs being disrespectful towards an RD really pushed my buttons. I almost wanted to say something to the group, but I didn’t because I felt that it wasn’t my place to make such  a statement. Nonetheless, I was very disappointed with my fellow RAs.

Lunch came and went. Harris continued to not kill us with the food that we ate, which was a plus. I talked to Xan, who is an RA at a different hall that I went to a conference with, briefly and that was super fun. Xan has a fantastic personality and I love that we can talk about social justice issues and white privilege.

After lunch was breakout sessions and the two that I went to were about STI’s & Sexuality/Identity and then Stress Management. My RD Aja presented the first session that I went to and I liked it a lot. Our Sex Ed is not only filled with shame, fear, and guilt, it isn’t comprehensive enough. I don’t remember much about anything I learned, which is saying something because I still have my notes from middle school. Anyway, I know that I have a weakness in knowing such information, so I decided to go for my sake, and for the sake of being a resource to my residents.

As for the Stress Management session, I’m going to be real honest with y’all… I didn’t learn anything. I’m pretty sure that the slide that was used was the same one from a previous training. I admire the effort and the energy that the presenters had, but everything that was said was something that I’ve put in a passive before.

From 3-6 we had the front desk open for early arrivals. Each floor covered one hour, and my floor partner and I worked from 4-5. Can someone explain to me why the only time anyone came to check into the hall was between 4 and 5? In that one hour that we worked EVERYONE that checked in that day came in. Not an hour earlier or an hour later. Luckily, everyone that came today was kind, and there were no double occupancy mishaps like yesterday.

My passive for this month is inspired by the Hidden Figures movie! It also works well with my LC theme because we are a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) community. It is “The Women Who Put Man On The Moon” and it has six women who contributed to NASA and the space race. I also want to incorporate the importance of inter-sectional feminism somehow. Whenever I finish painting, I might add pictures of it!




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