New Year and New Fails



Sooo technically, it’s the Eve of New Year’s Eve, but that is irrelevant.

I can’t believe that 2015 is basically here, I remember on my middle school ID the year 2014 seemed like it would be an eternity away. I would think that 2014 would never come and that I would be stuck in middle school forever. Then high school happened, then I got my Letterman Jacket and suddenly it was 2014 and I was suffering from whiplash. Now 2014 is over and I have everything and nothing to show for it. In 2014 I graduated from high school, went to my senior prom, peed in the men’s bathroom, moved into my dorm and met some amazing people (not necessarily in that order).

But on the other hand I am currently 0-18 when it comes to years that I have actually completed my New Year’s Resolutions.Every year they are basically the same:

Resolutions That I Make and Never Achieve:

Lose Weight

Be More Outgoing

Learn A New Skill

Finish That One Project

Go To That One Place

Drink More Water

Now, it’s not like I don’t try. I did lose some weight this year, but then I found it again, and I evenĀ  adopted some pounds in the form of the Freshman 15. I learned how to crochet, but then after a couple of months I forgot what I was doing and quit completely. So as you can see my friends, it isn’t from a lack of effort, I’m just a horrible Resolution Keeper.

So this year, I have decided (as of ten minutes ago) that I will not make any resolutions, crazy right?!

Instead of being super focused and determined for long term goals that I eventually fail to achieve, I’m taking a different approach. As a person, I need instant gratification (that’s why I love food so much, it makes my soul happy), so when I make resolutions such as losing weight and I go to the gym a couple of times, I expect to see instant results. Except, unfortunately, the world doesn’t work like that and I end up not being able to see the big picture. Life get’s in the way and before you know it I’m skipping leg day because there’s an ABC Family Harry Potter Marathon. If I ever happen to stumble upon my resolution list, I get down on myself for falling off the path.

So I’m just going to skip all that completely. As an extremely organized person, I enjoy making lists and putting things into categories and making sure everything has it’s place, and this year, I found out that if I make myself a weekly goal list, I am more likely to achieve those things, than if I make a mental note. There’s something about physically checking something off a list that makes my insides tingle with happiness (there’s my instant gratification sprinkled with some crazy). So instead of making a whole YEAR resolution, I will be making weekly goalsĀ  and monthly goals and hopefully by this time next year, I’ll have something to show for it!